John Mohin has a personal relationship with brands, especially those leading brands that aspire to become prestigious; this close affinity is intimate, instinctive and has proved pivotal to almost everything that has been achieved, notably with Waterford Wedgwood.

Luxury Brands are both resilient and fragile in equal measure: it takes millions of pounds or hundreds of years to build one successfully and yet, they can be debased overnight.

Therefore, building and using them effectively, to demonstrate market dominance, build competitive advantage while striving to undermine rivals & competitors, are all tactical options that impress investors and ultimately win the loyalty of stakeholders and customers.

John lectures students at several leading business schools and mentor’s entrepreneurs, recognising the potential of brand equity as a vehicle of economic value. Acting as a Commonwealth Business Mentor, John Mohin addressed the last Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit in London on the role that Small & Medium Enterprises play in the Commonwealth. These various, multiple, overlapping tasks have served to enhance and elevate the personal profile of an accomplished business leader.


“Leadership is a form of charisma that is evident before it even manifests as an attribute. We were extremely fortunate to secure John Mohin to serve on the Advisory Board at Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise. He brought an accomplished blend of commercial expertise coupled with business acumen that we value.”

Professor Chris Pyke
Dean of Business & Justice, University of Central Lancashire

Personal Dealings
At The Highest Level

After serving as an Adviser to Lord Mountbatten of Burma, John Mohin was Granted a Royal Warrant ‘By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’ to advise the royal household at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and Balmoral.

Serving a succession of prime ministers, at the heart of the British government, John Mohin is regularly summoned to Downing Street to advise on formal dining and official entertaining.


“Let me be clear, this is someone who adds value. John Mohin has an impressive array of business and people skills that when applied with his trademark tenacity, inevitably bring results. He listens with energy, scans the commercial horizon with the eye of experience and I know only too well, is virtually unassailable when harnessed to corporate objectives. This is someone that it is best to have on your side.”

Terser Adamu
Director of Strategy at ETK Group
International Trade Adviser and Strategist


Honorary Fellow.
Commemorating Liverpool as European Capital of Culture in 2008

Professor at Churchill House, Business School of University of Chester.

Advisory Board, Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise, University of Central Lancashire.

Honorary Fellow, Liverpool John Moores University.

Business Mentor, Commonwealth First, Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

Honorary Doctorate for Services to the British Ceramic Industry.

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Freeman of the City of London.

Shalom Lloyd
Managing Director, Naturally Tribal Ltd

“As an official Business Mentor, appointed by the Commonwealth, John Mohin has proven to be a major influence in my life and a significant presence on my entrepreneurial journey. His strategic thinking gives me the courage to aim high, never settle for less and as a direct result, I was ultimately made Commonwealth Export Champion. John Mohin gives me the tools, strength and vision to see the end result; his wise counsel continues to provide sound guidance and considerable momentum.”

Ngunan Adamu
iWoman Media Ltd, International Multimedia Trainer
BBC Radio Merseyside Journalist
Elected as Honorary Fellow of Liverpool John Moores University, November 2023.

“Advice and support from John Mohin has given me great insight into the world of entrepreneurship. As a Black woman in the business world, John’s direct, honest and informative approach, has allowed me to grow, not only as a leader, but also to be a strategic business woman on a highly competitive world stage.”



John Mohin said:

“Confidence is important; think about what you would do if you weren’t afraid and then convince yourself to be brave; that is to say brave, but not reckless. Scanning the horizon for threats, evaluating intelligence, reading the future and strategic thinking are critically important. ‘Crisis management’ is not impressive and usually means it’s too late for affirmative action. I’m fortunate to have had the chance to acquire my skills primarily from Wedgwood and then later with Waterford Crystal.

Strategic planning became so embedded that even prolonged uncertainty caused by say, economic recession, could be withstood and exploited when in full control of a strong brand. Taking hold of every advantage, to retain market share or undermine rivals is all about acting with confidence when in command of a leading name. Such confidence applied selectively, can be used to spook the opposition into panic measures by acting irrationally or maybe overspending on marketing, for example.”


“Negotiating with the National Museum of Ireland, John Mohin embraced 200 years of crystal heritage to create a prestige range that captured the essence of Waterford Crystal. ‘The Museum of Ireland Collection’ proved mighty impressive and won universal acclaim in world markets.”

Jim O’Leary Head of Design – Waterford Crystal

John spoke of his time with Waterford Crystal in Ireland:

“Understand what factors drive value. Brands such as Waterford Crystal can assume differentiating properties and when driven hard to assert their natural command, hold market share and grow even stronger. Driving a luxury brand to the pinnacle of what constitutes prestige has the effect of testing inherent resilience and deliver enhanced margins, the ultimate justification of a prestige brand.”

Addressing the contribution that John Mohin made as head of overseas operations for the Waterford Wedgwood Group, The Rt. Hon. Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston said:

“Business plans written by John Mohin combined sparkling prose with commercial discipline. His inspiration proved to be the company’s fortune, taking our established traditions to reach a new generation of connoisseur, thereby effectively creating new markets for Wedgwood; John Mohin is a remarkable talent.”


“John Mohin proved himself to be one of the most successful business leaders that our industry has seen, helping to transform Wedgwood over the course of his career”

J. Russell Lovatt Executive of Wedgwood

Contribution to Charity

Chairman of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, Friends in the United Kingdom.

Trustee of The Wedgwood Museum Trust.

Director of Wedgwood Museum Trading Ltd.

Trustee of the Army Cadet Force.

Trustee of the Graham Shapiro Foundation

Trustee of the Archbishop of York Youth Trust.

Director of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association and Chairman of the Business Forum.


Chairman &

John Mohin, drawn to a ‘Career Second Act’, was appointed Chairman of Graham Shapiro Design Ltd (GSD®), a dream role, acting in a non-executive capacity, providing strategic guidance to Professor Graham Shapiro, Chief Executive, who in turn, presides over a portfolio of some of the best-known luxury brands in the world including Apple, Bentley, Clive Christian, Rolex, Samsung and others.

Of notable strategic significance, GSD® was made a Partner of the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards, operating in the 140 countries where the Duke of Edinburgh Awards remain the most respected and influential youth movement in the world.


“My vision for GSD® called for an accomplished professional to join me in taking the company forward. I am in tune with client brands and remain closely connected to the sensitive issues that govern their ultimate success. Professor John Mohin OBE has an instinctive feel for intellectual property, notably how to protect, nourish and deploy luxury brands effectively. This refreshed management structure is critical to building a progressive organisation, one that is agile with an inclusive culture that enables simultaneous performance and transformation. In addition to everything else, John Mohin brings ‘hands-on’ experience of international operations.”

Professor Graham Shapiro Chief Executive & Founder of Graham Shapiro Design Ltd

John Mohin said:

“I help businesses grow, focussing on what is realistic and practical, rather than what is praiseworthy or fanciful, especially those working in the rarefied world of luxury, prestigious brands. I do whatever I can to make founders as successful as they can be. Often that just means understanding what they’re amazing at.

Graham Shapiro at GSD® has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most successful operators in the innovative area of creative communications. He and his dynamic enterprise create interactive websites that can change the way leading brands are perceived, often causing seismic change in market performance. Graham Shapiro is an exceptional life force.”



John Mohin was made an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for Services to Business and Charity in the North West of England. Looking to make a further contribution towards stimulating commercial endeavour and entrepreneurial success, John now takes a special responsibility advocating prospective recipients of The Kings Award for Enterprise, in his capacity as Deputy Lieutenant of Merseyside.